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Start a blog

With currently around 133 million blogs on the internet, it seems hard to believe that you can still make money creating one. However, many people still become successful writing on the internet every day.

That’s because there is little quality information around the internet. So if you are good and original enough, you can stand out quickly. Only a few blogs get to earn relevant amounts because people are unwilling to invest the time necessary to reach that goal.

I started writing in 2020. In 8 months, I built an audience that is leaving me 4 figures a month. And I am not the only one, my friends started blogging professionally in October, and one of them could go viral in 2021.

The world of writing on the internet is quite extensive, and you can talk about many themes. Even though there are many blogs already, that doesn’t mean there is a good blog in your area.

My recommendation if you are going to start doing it is:

  • Get a niche you like to write. You don’t have to be an expert, but you must be passionate about what you do.
  • Find the right platform to write about that topic. Many blogs fail because people don’t understand the platform you are writing for. For example, don’t expect to be famous on Wattpad by writing scientific articles because they are good for fiction.
  • Be patient and keep learning. Every day you can learn something new that will help you with your blog. In December, I thought I knew everything; however, in January, I discovered new things that have helped me continue growing.

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 make money online 2021

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